cnc opracování

Machinery shop

we are certified according standard ISO9001

We offer CNC machining of high quality, precision and technological demandingness. For lathe-turning and milling we use CNC lathes that allow highly progressive and highly effective machining. We work mainly with steel, stainless steel, cast iron, bronze, aluminium and magnesium. High quality, precision and reliability of CNC machining are a matter of course for us.

We deal with:

Production to aircraft industry

Custom manufacturing of parts and machines

Middle serial production

Production of prototypes

Machining of castings and weldment

Within a portfolio of our suppliers, there are carefully chosen contractual partners specialized in operations of other manufacturing technologies. Following are the commonly provided co-operations: heat treatment, surface finishing – electroplating, phosphate coating, blackening, thermal spraying, powder coating, etc.

Our company’s engineering production centre is equipped in particular with CNC machines. As our company started with conventional machining devices, in spite of the fact that this machining processes were step by step replaced by modern CNC machining, conventional machine tools are still a part of our metal production. Thanks to this fact we are able to ensure demands for a small batch or single part production.

We cooperate with a foreign company that provides us with a replacement casting from our former foundry, working with AZ91 (Elektron) material.

Milling and drilling

DMU 100P

Machine: CNC centrum DMU 100P

Max. dimension of part: 1000 x 1000 x 1000

ecoMill 635V

Machine: CNC mill ecoMill 635 V

Max. dimension of part: 635 x 510 x 460

horizontka W75

Machine: Horizontal machine W75

Max. dimension of part: 1000 x 1000 x 1000

portálka VR5CNC

Machine: CNC portal machine VR5CNC

Max. dimension of part: 2000 x 1350 x 500


CNC soustruh Masturn 50

Machine: CNC lathe Masturn 50

Max. dim.: shaft dia. 300, flange dia. 500

Doosan PUMA 3100

Machine: Doosan PUMA 3100

Max. dimension of part: dia. 420 x600

CNC soustruh Tornado

Machine: CNC lathe Tornado

Max. dimension of part: pr. 50 x 150

CNC soustruh Taurus

Machine: CNC lathe Taurus

Max. dimension of part: pr. 500 x 1000


grinding machine BUA 25 ST

Machine: Grinding machine BUA 25 ST

Max. dimension of part: dia. 250 x 600

grinding machine BPH 20 NA

Machine: Grinding machine BPH 20 NA

Max. dimension of part: 300 x 600 x 200


Machine: Plane

Max. dimension of part: 1500 x 800 x 600

electro erosion machining

Machine: electro erosion AGIE FUTURA

Max. dimension of part: 180 x 380 x 300