Explat produces magnesium and aluminium castings by gravity casting to sand and mould, cnc machining.

Manufacture of magnesium and aluminium alloy castings and CNC machining.


What we do


hořčíkové a hliníkové odlitky

Light metal foundry

Magnesium and aluminium castings

In our foundry we manufacture castings of magnesium and aluminium alloys using sand and mould gravity casting process.


CNC opracování

Machinery shop

CNC machining

We can machine aluminium and magnesium alloys, steel, stainless steel, cast iron and bronze materials. Machining is performed above all on CNC machines.


About us

magnesium and aluminium castings, cnc machining

Explat spol. s r.o. company has been a pure private property since its establishment in 1991. At the beginning our company was focused on precision chip machining of engineering parts of heavymetal and lightmetal alloys as well as nonferrous materials and on explosive welding. Since 1997 our company started to specialize in CNC machining and welding of magnesium alloys. In 2008 our company’s production capacity was extended by a purchase of a magnesium alloy foundry (AZ91, AZ63). Early in 2011 our machinery work successfully achieved ISO 9001 certificates. In 2014 our offered casting product line was extended by aluminium alloy castings and castings of magnesium alloys Elektron RZ5 and Elektron 21. At the end of 2015 the magnesium and aluminium foundry was successfully certified in accordance with ISO 9001.

Nowadays the yearly manufacturing capacity in our foundry is approximately 200 tons of magnesium alloy and aluminium alloy castings. Our foundry has its own pattern plant, where metal or wood patterns are made according to the customer requirements. The production range of our foundry and engineering manufacture has been extended continuously with regard to the actual market demand. We produce castings and machined parts particularly for aircraft engines (engine blocks, gear boxes, cylinder heads, cylinders, pistons, valves, …), for vibration testing equipment (headexpander, slip plate), for optical and laboratory instruments, for servo-actuators and for car race industry (car disks and half-disks, oil sumps, …). Our production schedule includes also the manufacture of castings/machined parts for common use in the consumer goods sector, such as hand tools. We cooperate with a foreign company that provides us with a replacement casting from our former foundry, working with AZ91 (Elektron) material.

Quality of our products is guaranteed not only by standards and applied technologies, but also by our highly skilled staff. Satisfaction of employees as well as customers is an essential criterion for the future of our company. All the employees’ and management’s effort leads up to the goal to be a good, reliable and long-term partner to our customers.

Our partners

grey and ductil iron,painting

logo Tos-Met Slévárna Within cooperation we are also able to offer castings of ductile and grey cast iron ranging from 5 up to 12.000 kg, with a possibility of series, small batch and single part production. The quality of manufactured castings is in accordance with EN GJL 150-300 (GG15-30) and EN GJS 400-700 (GGG40-70. The nominal output of our foundry shop is 21.000 tons of cast iron per year, however, in the event of continuous operation the actual output is 18 thousands of castings per year.
logo ZPA Pečky We can deliver our castings in any colour shade, you only specify RAL designation. The paint layer thickness is 50µm at minimum and 250µm at maximum. Maximum dimensions of a painted part is 2780x1550x1050mm.